The first company in the world to invent a true Laser Stopwatch for revolutionising sports timing.

                 Especially designed for Sprint Athletes and their Coaches   

                 Stazer's Laser Stopwatch & timing system provides instantaneous performance feedback to coaches and athletes.

                 For sprint timing and training the Laser Stopwatch timing system provides accurate timing for every athlete in each heat.

                 Instantly know what makes your times faster.

                 Allows a coach to monitor the performance of all the athletes in their squad.

                 Build an accurate training history.

                 The Laser Stopwatch system uses laser distance measurement for timing, requiring only a single person to setup and

                 operate the entire timing system. 

                 Able to back up Photo Finish timing automatically displaying what lane the times occured in, or splits at increment points around an arena.

                 Able to time your teams sprint training on football fields with hats for lanes no timing gates needed.

                 Able to time any sport that has a Start and Finish line.

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